Kiln Ring and Buildup Control + Combustion Improvement

EES HM-910 Fuel Additive is a specialized product for the cement industry formulated as a high reactivity suspension enhanced with stabilizers and surfactants. EES HM-910 Fuel Additive inhibits the catalytic action of vanadium compounds found in residual fuels rich in sulfur, such as fuel oil and petcoke.


Due to the inhibition properties of EES HM-910 Fuel Additive, during combustion some specific reactions are modified to form a fragile and high melting point crusts and rings allowing for an easy removal by the process itself and/or cleaning procedures.

EES HM-910 Fuel Additive is an effective option for build-up problems at pre-calciners and pre-heaters in the cement process. Also, EES HM-910 Fuel Additive avoids ring formation at rotary kilns.

When vanadium is “deactivated” by the HM-910 additive, its catalytic effect for the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 gas is eliminated, therefore the oxygen that would be spent for this reaction remains available for combustion. This allows for a more efficient combustion, consequently the specific consumption lowers significantly.

Video Gallery: HM-910 Effect over Buildups

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