Power Plants

Slag + Corrosion + Soot Control


EES-920 additive is an exceptionally stable suspension, non-abrasive, composed of a mixture of a highly reactive organic and inorganic magnesium compounds, ideal for treating residual fuels.

EES-920 additive is especially formulated to modify the melting point of the Vanadium-Sodium-Nickel compounds, thereby modifying the slag physicochemical characteristics. Additionally, due to the additive high chemical activity, acid corrosion is abated inside the boiler, effectively inhibiting sulfur trioxide (S03) formation in hot zones and neutralizing it in cold zones, ensuring complete corrosion protection and extending the life of the regenerative air preheaters system, exhaust gas ducts and stack. As a result of abating the S03, boilers can be operated with lower excess air, optimizing fuel consumption.

In order to reduce corrosion at high temperatures, EES-920 additive incorporates high reactivity Magnesium with a controlled particle size distribution. It performs effectively on the different elements of the boilers, modifying the physicochemical structure of corrosive Vanadium and Sodium compounds formed as byproducts of burning fuel oil. EES-920 transforms these to higher melting point compounds (greater than 1,000 °C), making them dry, brittle, crumbly, non-corrosive and non-adherent, facilitating their removal utilizing routine procedures such as soot blowing, or during scheduled maintenance.

Furthermore, the Magnesium in the EES-920 additive reacts in high temperature zones with Vanadium and its compounds, poisoning their catalytic ability for the conversion of S02 to S03.

Also, the Magnesium in the EES-920 additive reacts with the S03 formed due to the excess oxygen, resulting in Magnesium sulfate (MgS04) therefore neutralizing the acidity and increasing the pH in the ash.